Take a walk in your mind’s eye.

Imagine strolling down a Pittsburgh sidewalk—maybe it’s Downtown, or in Oakland, or any number of places—and as you walk, stories unfold at your feet. Stories of Pittsburghers who have left their indelible mark on the cultural landscape of America. Maybe they were born in Pittsburgh or were influenced here in some important way. Or perhaps they came to the city to fulfill their life’s passion.

Imagine, as you continue to walk, more names appear, embedded in the sidewalk in brass, highlights of their extraordinary lives on display for all to see—and to hear, using augmented reality.

Imagine, one by one, Pittsburghers who helped shape—or continue to shape—our nation’s heritage, honored on an ever-expanding digital streetscape, a tourist attraction that is also an educational tool and source of pride for locals.

Imagine a Pittsburgh Walk of Fame.

Our city has long deserved this, and your financial support and input can help make it happen. Click donate below to make a GoFundMe contribution. Or, for a tax-deductible donation, please make a check payable to GPCVB EDF/Pittsburgh Walk of Fame and send it to Pittsburgh Walk of Fame, 1214 Bennington Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA 15217. (Funds raised for the walk are being overseen by Greater Pittsburgh Convention and Visitors Bureau Educational Foundation, Inc., a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.) 

To share your thoughts about a location for the Pittsburgh Walk of Fame and potential honorees, send a message to hello@pittsburghwalkoffame.org. We’d love to hear from you!

Let’s take this walk together. Let’s make this Walk together.

Nancy Polinsky Johnson

Paying tribute to notable Pittsburghers who have made major contributions to our nation's cultural heritage.


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